Catholic Charities touches the lives of volunteers, donors, and people who use our services.  

To find out more about how Catholic Charities has served others, read more about our volunteer, donor, and client stories. 

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Ron Quinn, Development Council Member
“Catholic Charities is providing one-on-one support to people at important times in their life, doing things that no one else in the community is doing: and that’s important. Catholic Charities has gone on for over 85 years because of the lives that it touches, the people it’s changed and the support that it gets.”

Shirley Huerter, MD, Catholic Charities Supporter
“There have to be safe places where people can go when they’re in trouble, when they’re cold, when they’re hungry and when they don’t feel safe because there is violence in their homes. Without Catholic Charities, there wouldn’t be a place for them to go.”

Aileen Warren, Catholic Charities Supporter
“It takes a lot of revenue to keep the doors of Catholic Charities open. People believe in it and they know it is an organization that is needed in our community. Catholic Charities is there to provide that hope and that inspiration to people when they most need it.”


Jose, Immigration Legal Services client
“The step of obtaining my citizenship is very important to me and I thank you very much for your help.  You are very valuable in this community." 

Lisa, Domestic Violence Services client
 After 20 years of an abusive relationship, Lisa came to the Catholic Charities Domestic Violence Shelter. There, Lisa rebuilt her confidence and self-esteem, reestablished relationships with her family, and followed her dreams of going back to school. She credits overcoming her cycle of domestic violence with the support of the advocates at Catholic Charities she worked with. “From the warm compassionate women to the helpful, encouraging services, this experience has changed my life,” Lisa says.

Mark and Laura, Adoption Services clients
“We have two beautiful children we owe to Catholic Charities.” Those are the words of Mark and Laura. After years of trying to have a child of their own, they decided to utilize our Adoption Services.  The open adoptions of Maggie and Sean were the answer to Mark and Laura’s prayers. Today, big family gatherings include both Maggie and Sean’s  birth parents and extended families, as they are all involved in the children’s lives for the long term. “We have introduced a lot of amazing people into our lives and we truly recognize the value of the experience,” Laura says. “A child can never have too many people to love him or her.”


Mentoring Moms Mentor
In many ways, I feels as though I have adopted my mentee and her child.  We enjoy a relationship that closely resembles that of mother and daughter.