Microbusiness Program

Training and Development

The business training program is 16 classes over an 8 week period.  Daytime and evening classes are offered at least 4 times a year in both Spanish and English.

Our curriculum includes the following:

Introduction to Entrepreneurship
and Small Business

Explore business ideas
Identify skills, interests and
    personal qualities
Define tailored business plan
Develop business plan                                
Develop goals, mission, vision,
   and objectives
Create a business name
Create 3-year financial projections
Define capital requirements, 
   financing needs and options
Build contingency plans

Financial Management Tools
Introduction to bookkeeping
    and accounting
Small business resources
(city, state and federal)
Cash flow management
Develop, review and
   understand financial statements

Development Marketing Plan
Create business identity/brand
Define target markets/target customers
Develop concise marketing messages
Define and understand competitive
   framework and advantages

Develop products/services
Develop pricing
Develop market communications plan
Develop advertising/promotional material



Key Operating Processes/Procedures
Business registration (city, state and federal)
Legal structure and formation
Business permits and licenses
Customer service and sales

Course materials are provided.  Financial assistance is available