Mentoring Moms

The Mission of the Mentoring Moms program is to embrace the sanctity and dignity of life by nurturing pregnant and parenting women.  Mentoring Moms partners with a multi-faith based network and community organizations to provide education, practical assistance and mentoring support.

Our Mentoring Moms program matches mothers with volunteer mentors, who provide guidance and support.  The focus of the program is to empower and educate women, through this friendship.

Our Moms
The Mentoring Program serves women who have come to us from around the world - Sudan, West Africa, Ethiopia, Korea, Myammar, Kenya, Togo, Nigeria, Mexico, and Guatemala. Pregnant or parenting women with a desire to achieve more as a parent and who are seeking to provide a solid foundation for themselves and their children are welcome to join. 

Our Mentors
Mothers who want to share their parenting knowledge with new moms by modeling positive parenting skills and most importantly being a friend are encouraged to become mentors. If you are Interested in becoming a mentor, email Sierra Barrios at

If you would like more information about joining the Mentoring Moms program as a mentor or as a mentee, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.

Mentoring Moms Program
Sierra Barrios – Program Coordinator