child-centered, fully open adoption services

At Catholic Charities, we believe the adoption process must honor every member of the adoption circle. With this belief we practice child-centered, fully open adoption.


Catholic Charities serves prospective adoptive families throughout the 23 counties of the Archdiocese of Omaha, as well as the Lincoln and Grand Island Areas. Birth parents choose their child's parents and we facilitate child-centered, fully open adoptions. We work with adoptive and birth parents to form an adoption plan that best reflects their shared vision.

Nebraska laws require that any couple wishing to adopt a child have a pre-placement home study completed by a licensed child-placing agency. A home study consists of interviews with the prospective parents to assess character, stability and preparedness to parent by adoption. Background checks, health assessments and references are required elements of the home study.


Catholic Charities is a licensed, not-for-profit adoption agency. Pregnancy services to birth parents are provided at no cost and are supported by generous donations, and adoption fees. Adoption fees for adoptive parents are based on current medical and legal costs and on agency expenses.


If you are thinking about searching for birth relatives, Catholic Charities can help.

The staff at Catholic Charities is aware of the significance of this step. You will be assisted by professionals who will advise you of Nebraska state statutes regarding search and reunion, and will act as sensitive intermediaries. Family Services staff is available to provide ongoing support through what is often a complex and emotional journey.

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