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Terms and Conditions of Volunteering

All volunteers should have their own medical insurance. If a volunteer requires medical/hospital attention due to an incident that occurs while volunteering for Catholic Charities, whether it was a direct result of the work they were instructed to do or not, that volunteer’s own medical carrier will be responsible for all medical coverage. The volunteer is expected to report any injury while volunteering immediately to their supervising staff person.

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Release of Liability

In consideration for being allowed to participate as a volunteer for Catholic Charities, I do hereby release and discharge Catholic Charities, its assignees, officers, agents, employees, and officials and their successors from any and all liability that may be received by me (or by minor child) from all claims and demands of any personal injury to me, damage to my personal property, automobile, or any other personal items, as a result of my willful participation. I further affix my signature to acknowledge that I have reviewed such “Terms and Conditions of Volunteering”, and I do willfully elect to participate as a Catholic Charities volunteer at my own risk.

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Confidentiality Guidelines

Respect for confidentiality is an important ethical principle that guides all Catholic Charities activities and provisions of service to clients. The agency strives to protect the privacy of the relationships established with clients, employees, volunteers and other related groups. This means that the identity and records of clients recognized at Catholic Charities are to be protected. If you encounter someone known, it is preferable to let that person greet you first, as he/she may not wish to acknowledge knowing you. Encounters with persons who are clients and identifying information about clients should not be discussed except, when the work requires it, with Catholic Charities staff members or other volunteers.

In addition to moral and ethical demands for confidentiality, identifying information about clients is protected by Federal regulations, including 42 CFR, Part II, which applies to information about alcohol and drug abuse clients. Catholic Charities complies with all of these federal regulations. The fine for wrongful release of such information can be $5,000 or more.

Regarding other types of information, Catholic Charities has identified specific employed personnel as responsible for releasing any information. A volunteer must always refer requests for information to an appropriate employee, generally the person supervising the volunteer’s work.

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I have read and understand Catholic Charities’ Terms and Conditions, Release of Liability, and Confidentiality Guidelines stated above and agree to abide by them.

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