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The Power of Community

For nearly a century, whenever there are people in need – Catholic Charities has been there. We respond to everyday crises, every day – from domestic violence to mental health, feeding the hungry to comforting the afflicted, protecting the most vulnerable, and helping people help themselves to rise above adversity.

Sometimes, we are among the first to answer the call. Other times, we are the second responders – the ones who stick around and do the everyday work after the immediate crisis has passed. We are there every day – providing counsel, education, mentorship, and support.

Catholic Charities exists to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, to minister works of mercy and promote the dignity of all people. Together with countless volunteers and donors, and in conjunction with other public and private organizations, we are harnessing the strength of the human spirit and the power of community to shine a light for those in darkness.

Serving Over 80,000 People Each Year

Catholic Charities ministers to the greatest and most fundamental needs of our community – advocating for the voiceless, hungry, addicted, abused, and forgotten individuals and families annually throughout the area, regardless of race, religion, creed, or socioeconomic status. Our service area is expansive: we meet the needs of urban and rural individuals and families throughout the Omaha Archdiocese’s 23 counties.


As a Christ-centered organization, and with mercy as the foundation of the Church, we translate the Gospel of Jesus Christ into action and seek to transform the world by sharing God’s mercy and compassionate love with all people.


Led by the example of Jesus Christ, we will be the most compassionate source of help and hope for those in need. God and family will visibly be valued, honored, and promoted. We will minister works of mercy to all who call upon us, and provide resources and guidance to those seeking self-sufficiency.


Christ-Centered ~ Compassionate ~ Trusted ~ Respectful


To the battered woman and her children, we are shelter and safety.

To the poor, the hungry, the homeless, we are help and hope.

To those faced with unplanned pregnancy, we are support and guidance.

To the immigrant, we are a path to acceptance and participation.

To the person immobilized by mental illness and addictions, we are a road to recovery.

To children, families, and senior citizens, we are a haven of learning, growth, and a place to come together.