Mindful of the presence of God in our midst, we serve, empower and advocate for individuals and families in need.


We will be respected for compassion and excellence in service, strength in advocacy and leadership in addressing human needs.


We value the dignity of each person and a just, responsive community for all. 

Ministry in Action

  • To the battered woman and her children, we are shelter and safety.
  • To the poor, the hungry, the homeless, we are help and hope.
  • To those faced with unplanned pregnancy, we are support and guidance.
  • To the immigrant, we are a path to acceptance and participation.
  • To the person immobilized by mental illness and addictions, we are a road to recovery.
  • To children, families and senior citizens, we are a haven for learning, growth, and a place to come together.
  • To those who care about the less fortunate, we facilitate and celebrate your service.
  • Because we see injustice, we are a voice for social change.

Providing Hope. Changing Lives. Serving All.