Senior Services

Catholic Charities’ Senior Program was launched to aid in addressing the physical, social, emotional, financial, and spiritual needs of older adults.  Senior Services are offered at Christ Child North Center, Juan Diego Center, and Columbus Center.

Areas of focus for this service are:

  • Socialization
  • Nutrition
  • Life transition
  • Resources
  • Physical fitness
  • Education
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Transportation


Christ Child North story:

Three times a week local seniors come together at Christ Child North to improve their lives through education, physical activity and community involvement.  Catholic Charities educates the group on issues and challenges impacting seniors today, including Medicare, Social Security, fall and accident prevention, financial management, tax preparation and numerous health issues.  They also stress the importance of community involvement and becoming advocates for themselves and others.

Personal health is an important focus at Christ Child North.  In addition to a walking club three times a week, seniors also have the opportunity to learn more about a variety of health issues from local experts.  Creighton University students visit once a week to do blood pressure checks.  Brum Eye Care presented information on eye care for seniors and the Alzheimer’s Association spoke about the early signs of Alzheimer Disease.  We want to offer our seniors the best educational opportunities possible.

Catholic Charities North senior program embraces the opportunity to help maintain the health of seniors.  Sister’s Keeper is one group that has become a big part of our senior community.  Sister’s Keeper is a cancer survivor’s group that offers a variety of activities throughout the year including their annual My Sister’s Keeper banquet, an annual Jazz concert, and a Mammogram event.

Our seniors are also encouraged to participate in community events.  The Sazzy’s Seniors at Christ Child North participated in the annual Juneteenth parade, the Native of Omaha parade, and are encouraged to volunteer twice a month at the Royal Oak and Hidden Hills Assisted Living facilities.

The senior program at Christ Child North proudly continues to grow and embrace opportunities to involve more seniors throughout the community.