Latina Resource Center

The Latina Resource Center provides culturally and language supported community based services for Latina women.  These services enhance and promote the ability for these women to confidently make informed decisions about their future and make safe, healthy homes and fulfilling lives for themselves and their families.


The Latina Resource Center (LRC) is a service collaboration of Catholic Charities, Heartland Family Services and the WCA, with Catholic Charities being the lead agency.


At the Juan Diego Center, the LRC has a demonstrated history of effectively serving immigrant women with basic essential services:

  • Advocacy - LRC offers a welcoming and culturally competent place and provides programming to Latina women seeking information and education for their own safety and that of their children.

  • Life Skills Services - Latina women seeking self-sufficiency in their lives feel welcome and take advantage of classes offered at the center to improve their life skills.

  • Mentoring Moms - Young Latina women receive information and support for themselves and their children to succeed in their parenting skills by developing a committed relationship with an experienced Mentoring Mom within the format and guidance of the program.

For information on Latina Resource Center, please call 402-939-4625.