Frequently Asked Questions

What does Catholic Charities do and who do they help?
Over 400 compassionate volunteers, staff, and board members comprise the driving force behind Catholic Charities of Omaha, NE, serving the 23 counties of the Omaha Archdiocese. We provided more than 75,000 services through our 11 main service programs in 2012, and provided nearly a half million employee and volunteer hours of service.  Our programs are varied as new needs arise, and represent a seamless continuum of care to address the needs of children, women and men at all stages of life. 

Catholic Charities continues our efforts to build a strong community through advocacy, public speaking engagements, educational seminars, community events and workshops.  We broadened our services in 2008 by adding affordable, safe child care programs; education, leadership and recreation-focused after school programs; and senior wellness programs.   And the need continues…


What is The Omaha Campus for Hope and who can go there?
The Omaha Campus for Hope is a Chemical Dependency Treatment Center for adults licensed by the State of Nebraska. It is the largest licensed residential chemical dependency treatment center in the region.  The Campus has 93 residential beds. There are various levels of care at this facility, including:

  • Community reintegration and support 
  • Substance abuse/mental health education
  • Outreach education
  • Emergency detoxification services
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Short term and intermediate residential treatment
  • Co-Occurring Substance Abuse & Mental Health Disorders treatment

Location:  1490 North 16th Street in Omaha, NE
Phone:  (402) 827-0570
Services are provided on a sliding-fee scale, with no one being denied access to services because of inability to pay.


How can I get help with a violent relationship?
We offer you a 24-hour crisis line that you can call for help. Make that call!  402-558-5700!  We have facilities for up to twenty abused women and their children to live together at The Shelter in a secure, home-like atmosphere. The Shelter is the only shelter in Omaha focused exclusively on domestic violence with a formal children's program.


What if I need some counseling?
Family, marital and individual counseling are provided for persons in stress.

Sheehan Center
3300 North 60th Street
Omaha NE
(402) 554-0520

Juan Diego Center (bilingual counseling)
5211 South 31st Street
Omaha NE
(402) 731-5413

Columbus Office
3020 18th Street, Suite 17
Columbus NE
(402) 563-3833


How do I adopt a child through Catholic Charities?
Catholic Charities' staff view adoption as a life-long process. We offer adoption services to help match you with a child. We also counsel young pregnant mothers, place children in loving homes, and assist adults in tracing their roots.

Adoption Services
3300 North 60th Street
Omaha NE
(402) 554-0520


How can I get food assistance?
The food pantries at our two community centers are the only food pantries in Omaha that will serve people from any geographic area in the city. Together they serve more desperately poor families than anyone in Omaha.

St. Martin de Porres Center (north Omaha)
2111 Emmet Street
Omaha NE
(402) 453-6363

Juan Diego Center (south Omaha)
5211 South 31st Street
Omaha NE
(402) 731-5413