Sheehan Center

Contact Information

3300 North 60th Street 
Omaha NE 68104
Phone 402-554-0520      
Fax 402-554-0365    
John Griffith, Executive Director

Sheehan Center houses our Administrative Offices, including:

Behavioral Health
Senior Director:  Dorothy Heffernan
Development and Marketing
Development Officer:  Kathy Fitzgerald Grandsaert
Director:  Emily Cunningham Kozlik
Executive Director:  John Griffith
Facilities/Donations (In-Kind)
Director:  David Klein

Senior Director:  Theresa Ross
Human Resources
Senior Director:  Sharon Robson
Information Technology
Director:  Scott Morris
Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption
Director - Community Services:  Linda Butkus
Director:  Sue Malloy
Quality Management
Director – QM and Compliance:  Jean Hartwell


Adoption Services and Support
     Adoption services
     Post-adoption services 

     Mental Health/Substance Abuse Assessments/Evaluations
     Mental Health Community Support                            

Outpatient Treatment                                               
     Medication Management
     Co-Occurring Intensive Outpatient Treatment
     Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Treatment
     Chemical Dependency Evaluations

Pregnancy Counseling and Support                               
     Pregnancy counseling                                  
     Mentoring Moms program
     Post-abortion counseling