Domestic Violence Services - The Shelter


Contact Information
24-hour crisis line:  402-558-5700
If you are in immediate danger, call 911

Director Information
Program Director: Frances Holeton, LMHP, LCSW



24-hour Crisis Line:  402-558-5700
Counseling and Advocacy
Emergency Shelter and Temporary Housing

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You are not alone, we are here to help.  If you or someone you know may be abused, do not hesitate to call anytime, day or night: 402-558-5700


24-hour crisis line

Domestic violence advocates are available by phone 24 hours a day to answer questions, discuss options, and provide support including crisis intervention, and safety planning.

Available to survivors, their friends and family, service providers, and the general community.

For reasons of safety and confidentiality, all contacts with The Shelter are made by phone.

Emergency shelter

Sheltering services offered through Catholic Charities provide a secure, temporary place to stay along with care and support as survivors regain control to make decisions about their future. Click here to learn more about The Shelter.

Domestic Violence Advocacy

Support for Families

A child’s voice is often lost when domestic violence is present. By providing services directly to children, advocates support families in breaking patterns of abuse. DVS has a child advocate on-site that addresses children’s needs and supports the family unit. Children are given the opportunity to regain their voice, develop their own safety plan, and participate in age appropriate activities that promote well being.

Support for Survivors
Self-determination is a key component to breaking the cycle of violence. Domestic violence advocates assist and empower survivors as they develop an individualized plan for themselves and their children. The plan addresses practical concerns, as well as emotional barriers. Based on the plan, survivors are provided with resources and referrals to appropriate community support and programs to match their needs.

After Shelter Support
The Shelter stay is only the start of the rebuilding process. Both during and after a survivor’s stay, our community reintegration advocates provide resources and referrals for economic empowerment such as employment and housing needs. DVS advocates support survivors to live safely in pursing their dreams without fear.

Safety Planning

Domestic Violence Education

Red Flags

Friends and Family


  • Although it is difficult to see someone you care about get hurt, ultimately they are the one who has to make the decisions about what they want to do.
  • It’s important for you to support them no matter what they decide.
  • We can support you too; give us a call at (402) 558-5700 to speak to a trained domestic violence support specialist.

Reach Out

  • What they need most is someone who will believe them and listen.
  • Ask questions and honestly share your concerns (“I’m worried about you…”)
  • Be honest about how you can help, don’t offer anything you can’t provide.


  • Help them create and use a safety plan or encourage them to call a domestic violence advocate.
  • Offer a safe place to stay, a ride to work, or to watch their kids.
  • Most importantly, listen without judgment.

You are not alone, we are here to help. Give us a call day or night at 402-558-5700.