Christ Child Learning Center

Contact Information

2201 South 11th Street
Omaha NE 68108
Phone 402-341-1880
Fax 402-933-2941


Director Information

Education Director:  Alicia Armentrout








We rely on volunteers to keep our center running, and there are plenty of opportunities to help out! A brief application, background check and a short orientation is required, so please inquire in advance of when you’d like to get started.


A regular volunteer provides service on an agreed upon schedule. Volunteers are welcome to participate at whatever level they can contribute. Some volunteers may be able to commit to only one day each week to read to the children; a Monday through Friday schedule might suit another volunteer who helps over the lunch hour.

Regular volunteers are asked to commit to a service schedule and a task list with which they are comfortable. Regular volunteers in the classroom work alongside our teaching staff to prepare and guide activities, sanitize toys, read stories, and generally facilitate children’s learning and development. If a volunteer does not feel comfortable working directly with children in the classroom, the volunteer may choose a less direct assignment, such as organizing our learning material or assisting with office tasks.


If you are interested in contributing items, time, or talent to improve our program, please contact the Center Director at 402-341-1880  or email